Is there a lot of traffic in Waco, TX?
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Waco is a wonderful midsized town located approximately halfway between Dallas, Texas and Austin, Texas. This incredible city is known for it’s unique history, Baylor University, and unparalleled beauty. While Waco may not be the largest city in Texas, it truly brings a lot to the table and has pretty much anything you could ever need. One of the biggest draws to Waco is it’s small town feel.

The city of Waco has a population of less than 150,000 people and doesn’t even crack the top 20 largest cities in Texas. Despite it’s medium stature, Waco is one of the better known cities in the state. When people move to Waco they have a lot of questions. They are interested in which neighborhoods are best for families, what the best restaurants are and of course, what the traffic is like. Here is a bit more about what kind of traffic you can expect when you move to Waco, TX.

What is the traffic like in Waco, TX?

What is the traffic like in Waco, TX?

Traffic in Waco, TX varies greatly depending on the time of day and the time of year. When school is in session at Baylor University the amount of cars on the streets around campus increases significantly which can cause slightly more traffic and frustration on the road. Overall traffic is subjective. If you are moving from a larger city like Houston or Atlanta, you will likely find that the traffic in Waco is extremely mild. On the other hand, if you are used to living in a smaller town with less population and less cars on the road at any given point, you may find that the roads in Waco are significantly busier than what you are used to. It is all a matter of perspective.

A great way to see what traffic in Waco, TX is like is to check out the Waco, TX traffic map on This resource will show you what the traffic conditions are like around Waco, TX. Be sure to check the map at different times throughout the day to get a good feel for which areas are more congested during rush hour and which areas enjoy less traffic.

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